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Click, Tap, Sitters in a Snap! We provide professional childcare providers and educators meeting international standards on an on-demand basis in Cape Town and Gauteng.
SitSnapp provides premium pre-screened, on-demand professional childcare of international standard.


GuestCARE is a premium curated professional childcare service created for Hotels, Concierge Services and Guest Houses exclusively in Cape Town, South Africa.

Babysitters are selected with your guests needs in mind ensuring parents have access to the highest calibre of candidate available in South Africa, all with the relevant experience and education level and first aid. Delivering superior appropriate in-room / in-home service to your guests with as little as 3 hours notice.

Apply for  SitSnapp GuestCARE Membership for your establishment to start making stress free bookings today for your clients.

*Bookings subject to availability and notice requirements.


Available exclusively in Cape Town, SitSnapp PrivateCARE is for private families wishing to make use of once off, occasional, on-demand premium childcare services.

Through PrivateCARE, we support tertiary educated candidates with a passion for childcare and education with interim work between roles, their studies or entrepreneurial endevours to support your family when you need it.

Click, Tap, Snap. Sitters in a Snap. Choose SitSnapp to take care of your childcare needs with as little as *3 hours notice.

*Bookings subject to availability and notice requirements.

*Looking for long term adhoc (on-demand) services from the same candidate? Please rather click here for service.


Playzones are fun and fantastic places where children can get lost in a fantasy world of make believe, learn, play and grow, yet, for temporary childcare facilities, safety should always be the number one priority.

The ratios of childminders to children are mandated by government to insure the safety of children in a facilities care. Available in Cape Town and Gauteng, Sitsnapp’s PlayCARE professional childcare team providers can assist you meet these requirements while insuring the children have caring care while at your facility.

A maximum of 10 staff may be booked through this service. For larger playzones, booking of mobile playzones, equipment, manning of long term playzones etc, please rather make a quote request here.


So you have booked the entertainment, catering, decor, and play equipment etc for your upcoming event but need childminders for the day?

Anytime you host an event catering to children under the age of 14 years of age, you need professional and qualified childminders to insure safety and engage the children in the activities provided, at ratios mandated by government for the safety of children in a facilities care.

Available in Cape Town and Gauteng, our professional childcare providers ensure your playzone is a safezone with SitSnapp EventCARE professionals, ready to engage the children in your booked activities.

If you are looking for mid to long term or scheduled event childcare, decor, play equipment hire, entertainer hire, catering or planning services please click here>


The high cost of absenteeism and staff turn-over, especially in a country where only 7% of citizens now hold a tertiary education is well known to South African entrepreneurs.

Did you know though, that an estimated  20 – 40% of all absenteeism results from a lack of emergency childcare and that 58% of the 7% of graduates in South Africa, are women? Today, despite both parents working full time, an average of 80% of childcare and household related duties, still tend to fall on women’s shoulders. Additionally unlike many western countries, South Africa also does not provide tax breaks for childcare, nor is childcare leave available separately from parents sick leave, “leaving” parents using annual, sick or unpaid leave to cater to these needs. With less quality family time available to parents,  this impacts performance, both privately and professionally, which ultimately hits businesses bottom lines, increasing absenteeism, and resulting in costly turnovers.

Companies that value the wholistic care of their employees well-being, know the value of providing valuable incentives to promote job satisfaction, commitment, loyalty and make a real contribution to improving employee quality of life both on and off the job.

CorpCARE by SitSnapp, is your employees professional backup childcare solution, provided to corporates based in Cape Town and Gauteng.

Providing teachers and childcare professionals who have a tertiary education, are experienced and mature, all with their own vehicles, and first aid with much needed income opportunities, when between roles, while studying further or starting their own business or family, to assist your employees both for emergency and after-hour bookings.

CorpCARE gives the parents on your teams easy access to the trustworthy support they need when they need it. Support the holistic health of the parents on your teams by subsidising childcare services at the rate you are comfortable with through SitSnapp. We specifically recruit continuously keeping in mind the specific childcare needs of your specific employees should the need arise for assistance.

*Available from November 2022.